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  • Cleaning and Waste Management Cleaning Services includes floors, windows, and everything in between. A clean facility is always welcoming for your customers, and encourages repeat business. In addition, a clean and sanitary operation ensures a healthy environment with no spreading of diseases. Motivation and inspiration of your staff is also improved in a clean environment.


  • Pest Control Our services have been thoroughly researched to not only address the pest infestation, but also address the migratory habits of the pests to ensure complete protection of your property, not just the treated area. We control timber pests (termites, borers, fungi), nuisance pests (spiders, ants, fleas), hygiene pests (cockroaches, rats, mice, bedbugs, flies) and warehouse pests (moths, beetles, weevils) by offering intelligent pest control solutions around your home, office or commercial premises.


  • Cleaning system for glass facades Facade which also means the frontage or the face is one of the most important parts of the building as it will be the first impression of your company and as say ‘first impression is the final impression’. To make that first impression as the best impression, we offer facade cleaning services to our clients that ensures that the building has a more hospitable front. Facade cleaning system also helps to remove the harsh pollutants that might affect the facade in the long run.


  • Marble polishing and maintenance Ages could be the perfect solution for restoring the condition of your marble surfaces. Marble polishing involves the use of stone polishing equipment in order to give your marble floors a beautiful satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish. Along with polishing, you can count on us for honing, in order to remove minor scratches and flaws. Other marble restoration services include cleaning, grinding, and sealing. Cleaning can be used to remove dirt while grinding will help eliminate deep scratches.


  • Moquette and upholstery cleaning AGES never ceases to create new and improve existing cleaning technologies and methods for moquette, upholstery and curtains. Our innovative techniques enable our experts to tackle the toughest stains and diet leaving your moquette, upholstery and curtains clean and renewed.


  • Hospitality Services The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line.


  • Parquets Flooring Restoration We will take a close look at your parquet floor. And then provide the best advice on what it needs – depending on your requirements and its likely use. And we will restore your parquet to your needs.


  • Landscape maintenance Our Landscape technicians plant turf grass, bushes, shrubs, trees, flowers and other plants at their proper depth and in a strategic pattern that is usually designed by a landscape architect or designer. Pruning, mowing, edging, trimming, fertilizing and watering are done by landscape technicians.


  • Property Management Our Property managers ensure that the properties under their care operate smoothly, maintain their appearance, and either preserve or increase in value. They also show properties to prospective tenants or buyers, explain occupancy terms and collect monthly rents; and pay taxes and other maintenance fees.


  • Catering The responsibility of providing beverages, food, and other services to different clients for special events. Caterers are some of the professionals working on this area and their duties are related to organize and control catering operations.


  • Events Management Coordinate details of events such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, surprise parties, trade shows, sales meetings, business meetings, employee appreciation events and virtual events. Hire, train, and educate staff on proper event procedures.


  • Environmental Services Our workers maintain environmental and infection control standards within established policies and procedures of the health care center. The position performs a variety of general cleaning tasks to maintain patient rooms, offices, hallways and other assigned areas of the facility.
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